06.04. 11.05.2019
ASPN Galerie, Leipzig

Text: “Ach” ︎

"Ach" means Oh. And it will challenge your notions of attitude, identitiy and stereotypes. We are looking forward to welcome you in the gym of life!

The dumbbell rack is under tension - twelve fists stretch into the room. The training has already started and sweat and injuries are part of it.

Oh. Oh? The confrontation with one's own body, inner and outer conditions of attitude, identity and look mark the field of Hachmeister's work out.
Since 2018 ceramics have entered the picture. Those sculptures are themselves bodies, maybe even figures, and they challenge traditionally gendered stereotypes. "Ach" shows new ceramics, paintings and photographs and evolves an intermedial dialogue: cheerfulness and melancholy, defiant combat readiness and sensitive gestures negotiate in many voices the training plan in the gym of life.


Exhibition views: Sophia Kesting