10.01. 07.03.2015
ASPN Galerie, Leipzig

Text ︎

The bug I recently met is called Otto. In Italian, Otto means the number eight. Otto is a nice guy, I liked him straight away.

With his six legs he resolutely scales every obstacle that he meets on his way. Sometimes he gets stuck, waving his delicate limbs in the air, but his heavy black body always pulls him back to the ground. I imagine to be his friend, his best friend, always by his side. Together we travel along our way, until a gust of wind blows us apart. I am lying on my back inside the nearest shrub and I think that I am dead. Then Otto comes by, lies down on my belly and waves his delicate limbs in the air. Otto, I say, Otto, don’t make yourself so heavy.


Translation: Gunnar Wendel