20.02. 02.04.2016
fiebach, minninger Köln

Text: “Crux of the Matter” ︎

Crux of the Matter

And in this case we care a damn about evidence à la 'Grit we will get you'. Ever wondered how it is supposed to work? No, it is even better. Intuition here is one that is all too soon hapless, for it is ambivalent and has the reputation of holding questionable intellectual capacities, hardly expedient conceptually at that. Theoretically lapses can either be accepted or rejected, intuition though favours interrelatedness for lapses to thus form an inherent element. Let's see eventually where the lapses surface and where they again dissipate. Let's see whether or not this then falls short of our expectations. It will in all likelihood. And where does this all lead to? To an active absence of thought. Never fear; that in the first place is where it comes from. Fluidity, chaos and order, humour and for all those who set store by evidence certainly that too, belong in the bag of active absence of thought.

Claudia Gülzow (Translation by Gunnar Wendel)